All is Well with Rens Kroes

Wednesday, 20 September 2017 13:00
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Posted by Emily

I’ve always loved exploring the different routines of people that I find interesting. We’ve done this with our Beauty Minute series, but more and more I find myself talking about beauty as it relates to wellness. We thought it would be interesting to talk to both men and women about what they do to keep their body and mind feeling sound in a day, a week, a month, and a year. It’s so different for everyone—some people meditate, others exercise, some do nothing except for a big cleanse once a year. It’s so personal and, for me, so fascinating.

So with that, I bring you a new series on Atelier Doré that we’re calling All is Well. Today, you’ll read the routine of Rens Kroes, a holistic chef and author of the Power Food cookbooks. We’ve been following Rens site for a while now, and were so excited to hear she recently relocated to New York from Holland.


Every Day: First, I keep healthy by eating pure, fresh, whole foods and drinking a lot of water. I think relaxation, exercising, and positive thinking helps you stay healthy too. Being aware of all of these practices gives me a glow, and makes me feel really happy from the inside out.

I love sleeping, I sleep 8 hours a night, I need it. I stretch my body in the morning and then go to the kitchen and drink lemon water and green juice if I have the time. I take vitamin D supplements and put some music on and take a cold shower. I pat myself dry I usually apply coconut oil, and then have a coffee with oat milk, which is so good and creamy.

I love to cook everyday, well, when I don’t have deadlines I love to cook. I try to reduce my stress by breathing well and staying aware of my breath, especially when things get stressful. And then I love to end my day with golden mylk or my chai good night drink.

I believe that beauty comes from the inside. If your body doesn’t have much to complain about, you’ll glow on the outside all by yourself.

Every Week: I try to keep my body in shape by running, intensive training in the gym, or sometimes yoga. I love to relax and meditate every once in awhile, I should do that more often, and I love to dance. If I’m stressed I don’t really work out because I think it’s important to chill.

I spend time with friends every week, it makes me really happy. Sometimes we’ll go out a few times a week, to have a coffee or dinner, and if we have dinner at my place (because I love to cook for everyone) we’ll just turn it into a party. I will drink cocktails when I go out, it’s part of relaxation! And balance.

I plan recipes and go to the farmers market every Saturday so I can get everything I need to avoid going to the grocery store everything.

Every Month: I love to get a massage every month. I believe when you feel like your body needs it done, you really need to do it, rather than waiting until you have an injury. I love to travel, but that’s not every month – I wish! For work I travel sometimes, which is really inspiring.

Every Year: I’ll do a juice cleanse about every 6 months, but if it’s a big cleanse for 6 or 7 days, I’ll normally do that once a year. I’ll try and take a trip once a year too to relax and find inspiration for my next book.


Learn more about Rens, and find her blog and cookbooks, on her website and Instagram. Her newest book, Power Food on the Go, is released October 1st.

Phillip Lim x Côte

Tuesday, 19 September 2017 19:00
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Posted by Tori

We seem to have a fondness for Phillip Lim that won’t fade. He’s a man who knows how to appreciate a woman and dress her well. Last week I had the pleasure of getting a first glimpse at the Spring 2018 runway show. There were many reasons to be excited, but the beauty really did it for me. Simple, pretty, and attainable. Seriously, if you can braid you hair and give yourself a khaki green manicure, you’re golden. It was also super fun to see our friends from Côte take the model’s pretty little fingers to the next level. So I thought I’d share some behind the scenes snap shots of my favorite moments amongst the fashion week chaos!



Opening image via Phillip Lim

By tori

LA Eliana

Tuesday, 19 September 2017 13:00
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Posted by Tori

It might be clear by now that we recently spent some time in LA. Ah, LA…. One of the people high on my list to hang out with was Eliana Rodriguez. With a style that feels both unique and approachable, she’s a lady after my own heart. Her good taste is unsurprising though, she’s a current creative director and a former designer at American Apparel. With a clear voice, strong aesthetic, poise, humor, and kindness (shall I go on?), she’s a modern woman to her core. Such a pleasure to have her on the site today, straight from her dreamy Beachwood Canyon garden…

Seeing the Southwest

Monday, 18 September 2017 19:00
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Posted by Brittany

Last week when I was on vacation (ahh, vacation…), I did a roadtrip through the Southwest. We drove from Santa Fe to Las Vegas, with lots of stops in between. It’s such an amazing part of the country with a landscape that’s such a contrast to New York. I grew up in Colorado, so have been to this part of the world before. But it’s so interesting re-visiting places at different phases of your life. Certain places I went on this trip I’d been before (like the Grand Canyon- I visited right after I graduated college). Going back, it felt the same, but also very different as I’m in such a different place in my life. What do you think, do you have places you’ve visited over and over but they feel different as you change as a person?

By brittany

No 7 Campaign

Monday, 18 September 2017 16:00
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Posted by Vanessa

Nobody at the studio believes me when I tell them about my brief fencing stint. For good reason, but I swear it’s true. Mask, white suit, the whole shebang.

Anyway, this is not another story about my past athletic achievements. This is about make up. This campaign goes beyond the run-of-the-mill beauty commercial starring your it-girl du jour looking impossibly beautiful. This ad, set in a dramatic backdrop of a beautiful white quarry, doesn’t even show you the face of the star (who happens to be Olympic fencer Monica Aksamit)! So refreshingly fierce for a beauty commercial. Okay, that’s all. We’ll talk about my snakeboarding stint another time. Yeeessss, it’s a thing!

Watch it here.

By vanessa

Richard Christiansen: Where Dragons Live

Monday, 18 September 2017 13:31
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Posted by Garance

Welcome back to Pardon My French! Kicking off the new season with my good friend Richard. Since the day I met him, I’ve always been curious about the way he makes things happen. Richard is the owner of a wonderful creative agency, Chandelier Creative, but he is also much more than that. I feel like he applies creativity into the way he lives his life. From his excursions to the North Pole to the houses he shares with his employees and the people he chooses to work with, there is always something new, something surprising, something exciting.

Today Richard welcomed me in his new house in Los Angeles, a true wonderland if you ask me. How did he get there? Let’s listen to his story…

podcast cover
Richard Christiansen: Where Dragons Live
Pardon My French with Garance Doré
Richard Christiansen: Where Dragons Live
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California Cool with Heidi Merrick

Sunday, 17 September 2017 13:01
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Posted by The Atelier

If you were here on Friday, it’s likely you saw the story we published at Heidi Merrick’s perfectly interesting (and very beautiful) Silver Lake home. Seriously, dream house. Today we’re back with Heidi’s downtown Los Angeles store that has both nods to her home and an abundance of individuality as an extension of her modern and elegant brand. Ok, we’ll let Heidi take it from here.

Heidi’s House is a Home

Friday, 15 September 2017 13:00
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Posted by Garance

Just a few words about Heidi, whom I met this summer and absolutely love (her, and her family John, Hiver and Alfie).

1. She’s the absolute coolest.
2. She surfs whenever she can.
3. She has a brand I can’t seem to stop wearing.
4. She has the loudest and warmest laugh around.
5. She lives her life on her own terms, makes fashion on her own terms.
6. This is her city house, but they also bought a piece of land in Ojai where they glamp like it’s Out Of Africa.
7. She’s the Heidi I went to the spa with.
8. She has the house everyone dreams of having in LA, a Spanish style house.
9. Also, she decorated it perfectly, without it being too perfect. You know?
10. And even though she has and does all that, she’s not for one second annoying.

And that’s what I can say for now. Meet Heidi!

Trend Tardy

Thursday, 14 September 2017 19:00
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Posted by Mary

Why am I behind the ball on every trend??

For example…

Soul cycle
I have recently developed a deep obsession with Soul Cycle… All of my friends, and more notably my 15 year old sister, swear that the glory days of SoulCycle have come to an end, but I disagree. Powering (and hellishly struggling) through my first class made me feel empowered, inspired and inappropriately sweaty. Leaving with weak, but well-worked limbs, a fulfilled mind and a full heart. Since my first class (all of one week ago) I’ve already returned three times… and it’s not even a New Years resolution (but definitely breaking the bank).

The Crop Flared Jean
All of my friends, roommates, and the rest of NYC sported this trendy crop flared jean last spring. It is nearly 7 months later and I am finally in my own pair. It only took me 3 failed purchases followed by their obvious returns for me to find my perfect fit… and boy did I find ever! This pair of Mother jeans have not only left me feeling like a million bucks but also “on trend,” which is so clearly not the norm for me. Thanks, Mother!

I finally appreciate a good juice. A few weeks ago, hungover and weak, I asked my friends what we should get for brunch, to which one of them suggested we all get a juice… I’m sorry, a juice? I want a bagel (or five), not a liquid meal. She swore it would make me feel better and remove the banging thump in my head, so with a semi-open (in pain) mind, I dragged my feet to the nearest Juice Press and ordered my first pressed juice… Ok it was fantastic and yes, worked wonders. I take back every bad thing I once said about juicing as I now am a very loyal customer to any juice shop I pass on the street.

And voila! I am no longer just Mary – I am a kick-flared jean wearing, soul cycle fanatic, juice drinking trendsetter. Albeit a late one.

By mary

Tomas Maier x PUMA

Thursday, 14 September 2017 16:00
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Posted by Tori

I’m always looking for a reason to hold onto summer for as long as humanly possible. White after labor day, piña coladas all year round…Some call it denial, I call it commitment.

I was delighted when I heard about Tomas Maier’s collaboration with Puma for Fall. I mean, these sneakers have itty bitty inlay palm trees within the leather that are discreet enough to wear all winter long. Plus, I’m a big fan of the retro style and of Puma, in general – proudly rocking their sneakers since ’03.

Shop here!

By tori

Ease Meets West

Thursday, 14 September 2017 13:15
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Posted by Emily

With the change of weather (that’s happening quite early in New York this year) from summer into fall, I’m thinking a lot about what I want to wear this season. It’s becoming more simple as every year passes and the idea of a more utilitarian style that fits seamlessly into my life and is allowing me to ultimately buy less but better things—this is really top of mind. I’m beginning to appreciate more and more a certain ease in getting dressed in the morning. It doesn’t mean I’m not having fun with my clothes—I actually enjoy finding different ways to wear my staples—but it’s making shopping and getting dressed more enjoyable because I don’t feel quite as lost as years past.

In a city like LA, this idea of utilitarian ease seems to be the standard, even more so than in New York. Along with our friends at Vince, Pia and Vanessa recently visited a few inspired LA women who have their unique ideas of dressing with ease pretty much down to a science.


Wednesday, 13 September 2017 19:00
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Posted by Emily

Real integrity is doing the right thing, knowing that nobody’s going to know whether you did it or not.

– Oprah Winfrey

By emilyn

A Beauty Minute with Cynthia Rowley

Wednesday, 13 September 2017 13:00
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Posted by The Atelier

Morning: I have to preface this by saying that I am VERY low maintenance and most of the products I use are from goodie bags. Funny but true! In the morning, I shower and wake up my face with Lava Magik scrub, and moisturize with a new hyaluronic acid Skinceuticals HA Intensifier that I’ve just learned about. I follow that with a mineral based sunscreen from Coola. Makeup is equally spare, CR eyeliner and Stila mascara. Sometimes layering on a little more eye drama throughout the day.

Day: In the summer, I carry a small tube of sunscreen to reapply. Now that it’s September, I keep Coola Mineral Liplux on hand for whenever my lips begin to feel dry.

Night: Tammy Fender Cleansing Milk which has ingredients like lavender, chamomile, and rose water to help me unwind and remove any stress (and makeup) from the day, followed by a few dabs of Tata Harper Retina Oil, and I am out cold.

An Atelier Doré Community

Tuesday, 12 September 2017 19:00
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Posted by Emily

One of the things I’ve enjoyed most in my 6 years (!) of working here has been getting to know all of you through the in-person events we’ve had. I have such fond memories of the stationery pop-up, the Cointreau café, and of meeting so many of you on the book tour.

So when we became Atelier Doré this spring, one thing that was really important to us was to work on a way of connecting all of you together, on-line and in-person, and really solidify the wonderful community of women (and men!) that come to the site, leave comments, and attend our events. One way we’re doing that is through our retreats, but we’re also kicking off a series of events in different cities around the world. The first one will be in our new studio next week in New York, and we promise to host them frequently in other cities very soon. In an effort to create a place where you can learn about these events and communicate with each other, we’ve created a public Facebook group to serve as our community hub that is connected to our Facebook page. If you join the group and like our page, you’ll be the first to get the details for our community events, new products (yes, we are working on a new calendar!), and special opportunities with brands we love. Here, we encourage you to talk with each other—maybe even it’s carpooling to a community event in LA—and with our editors. We love to get your (constructive) feedback on the site, our events, our customer service…anything and everything! So this will be a forum for that.

You can see and join the page here and the group here. And you can find the details of the event here. Space is limited so please RSVP through the Eventbrite link on the event page to confirm attendance!

Also, we know the page + the group, it’s a lot, but unfortunately you can’t add Eventbrite events through Facebook Groups, only Pages. We’re hoping this will change in the future, but we appreciate you baring with us while we figure all of this out!

Let us know if you run into any problems, and can’t wait to spend more time with you!

By emilyn

Go to the Spa

Tuesday, 12 September 2017 13:00
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Posted by Garance

Yesterday, while everyone was at the fashion shows, I decided to go to the Korean spa with my friend Heidi. In other words, it was the opposite of a fashion show.

No phones, no clothes, no ego.

I’m not going to hide the fact that I was a little nervous. Even though it’s easy for me to go without my phone, I’m not so used to going without my privacy and ego. And everyone told me in advance – Korean spas aren’t exactly Les Sources de Caudalie in France. Honestly, I even dream about that spa at night sometimes.

No, Korean spas in LA are minimal, in a basement, with no decoration, and they’re small. Women only. Total nudity. And according to a few comments on Yelp, they aren’t the height of cleanliness either. But Heidi knew this place really well, and this particular spa had been recommended by several friends.

So we ended up there, super happy with the little plastic bracelets they put our wrists, plus a robe and three little towels, and we were off to the spa. Honestly, it was clean, and it smelled good inside.

It took me half a second to get used to everyone walking around nude. It had been forever since I’d been in a situation like that. But I’ve been to hammams a few times and I know my mother’s body and I’ve even seen my grandmother’s body a few times, with her beautiful pale skin. And I’ve also had a few experiences on nudist beaches in the south of Corsica.

But I hadn’t been around much nudity since my arrival in the U.S., where even little girls wear bikini tops at the beach (I’ll never understand that) – and since the arrival of social media, I’m realizing how much it has changed our relationship with the female body. Strangely the effect has been more aggressive than any magazine ever was.

At the spa, twenty or thirty women were walking around entirely naked. Some were washing themselves patiently, following a Korean ritual I wasn’t familiar with. Others were going from sauna to sauna or lying down in the mineral rooms. Young, old, very fat, very skinny. Some flabby, some toned. Some bodies were shy and others totally free and happy.

First stop: take a shower. Which meant it was our turn to be totally naked. Lucky for me, I’m totally empathetic. And I had just gotten waxed, haha. Heidi was perfectly comfortable being naked, and I felt super chill in about one minute. After fifteen minutes, I didn’t even need my towel to walk around anymore.

We went from bath to bath, from sauna to sauna, sometimes talking nonstop, sometimes sitting in silence – and as my body became more and more relaxed, I felt my mind relax and breathe along with it.

It was a joy to be naked without feeling self conscious about it, which is honestly so incredibly rare in our society. And it was a joy to be with a friend. And a joy to feel my muscles relax, to sweat it out a bit, to enjoy the misty scent of eucalyptus in the sauna. All these women together, not necessarily speaking, but letting their bodies tell their story. So healing.

Then suddenly we heard our numbers called. Total anonymity makes it even better, right? It was time for our treatments.

We arrived in a little waiting room where women (naked, of course!) were getting massages. A woman in a bra and panties told me to lie down on a massage table and began to scrub me hard with what felt like a dish sponge. Ahhh! At first, I freaked out a little, but then I just went with it. It had been years since I’d had a real exfoliation treatment. And I started to love it.

I slowly fell into an ocean of well-being. The sound of the water around me, the chatter of conversations, it all contributed to my quasi-meditative state. Sophie, my masseuse, worked on my body firmly but softly, like you touch a baby.

Very soon, I started to feel like she was washing away my past, taking off the last layers of suffering that I’d held on to from last year, and that she was about to make my life as shiny as a new penny.

I had a towel over my head that prevented me from seeing what was going on, and I wondered why…but at one point I lifted the towel and I understood. The table was covered with gray, dead skin. Uuuuh!!! But she kept scrubbing, and I kept enjoying it.

Then all the sudden, she told me to go take a shower. I did as I was told, sending a quick look to Heidi saying, “OMG THAT WAS AMAZING,” then I went back to lie down for my massage. My skin was softer than silk, and she started pouring a sort of hot cream all over my body (I LOVED IT SO MUCH) and began to massage all my tense spots with a surprising amount of energy. And I never said a word about which areas were tense. Even some weird places like under my arms and around my breasts (no, no prudishness about breasts in Korean spas).

Honestly, I think that’s when I decided I was having the best spa treatment of my life. And I’m a massage addict. And a spa addict. I’ve been to some of the most beautiful spas in the world where people treated me like I was the eighth wonder of the world. But here I was in downtown LA in the basement of a building, in a communal room, with no music, no special lighting, AND I’D NEVER BEEN HAPPIER.

And just when I thought it couldn’t get any better, she put a cool cucumber mask on my face and started to WASH MY HAIR. She massaged my scalp for a long time and then began to do my hair.


Then she thanked me, and I got up feeling like I was in kind of a trance. I honestly wanted to give her a hug, but I held back. But seriously, I should have.

Heidi and I went back to the sauna after that, to make the amazing moment last as long as possible. We to the jade room to lie down for a while in silence. Pure bliss.

My life was perfect, right then in the moment. Power of Now, love and light and granola. I didn’t care. My life was perfect, everything was as it should be. Suddenly, all the love and perfection of the moment hit me at once.

After that, we went to the ice bath, then to a hot bath, and then we left, all pink and soft and happier than ever.

Everyone should go to communal baths like that. They’ve existed since the dawn of time in every part of the world for a good reason. They’re an antidote to all the fake images and pressure of the outside world. In Morocco, even children go, and it gives them with an incredible and simple life lesson. There aren’t Korean spas everywhere, but if you ever have the chance to go, get ready to be naked and head to the spa!

Translated by Andrea Perdue


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